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Car Accidents

The Traffic in New York is hectic and car accidents happen all the time. Our New York car accident injury attorneys can help you get maximum compensation if you were not at fault in the auto accident. Call today for free consultation. Don't negotiate with the insurance company, call us today.

If you have been badly hurt or injured in a car or motorcycle accident you should strongly consider talking with an experienced New York Personal Injury attorney for help. Don't be left in the dark with your medical care, therapy, and injuries. Our team of very skilled New York personal injury attorneys have helped many injured victims in auto accidents obtain the compensation that they deserve. Injuries happen in auto accidents. We also represent pedestrians struck by motor vehicles. In the event of an auto accident, seek medical attention right away. Talk to an attorney once you have the strength to discuss your case. We work with a network of medical professionals who can delay payment for your treatment.

Our law office provides a free initial consultation to those who need to discuss their car accident case with an injury lawyer. If you have a case, we can start your case with $0 down. If we lose, you will pay us nothing for our services. Our job is to WIN.  We aggressively challenge the insurance company on your behalf. The job of the insurance company representative is to avoid settlement if possible, or offer a significantly lower settlement amount if you do not have attorney representation. Once our legal team is able to prove responsibility, we can then force the insurance agency to settle and settle fast.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often leave behind very serious injury, brain injuries, and in many cases death. We have helped many victims of motorcycle accidents and their families get justice and the settlement they deserve. Talk to an attorney if you or someone you love has been injured.

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Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian accident occurs when a pedestrian is struck by a car, truck, or motorcycle. This can happen at a crosswalk, or while a pedestrian is simply walking along the sidewalk. It's an everyday risk we take, and in New York this happens more often than most places.